Community Art

In 2016, I founded Little Picassos, which is a free art enrichment program for children who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford such a class.

Pablo Picasso believed that, "every child is an artist," however, every child does not have equal access to arts education. Little Picassos seeks to redress these inequities and balance the playing field for our kids and their families, by providing all kids with the means to thrive and create.

For more information on Little Picassos, see our website:

I have also worked collaboratively on a few large scale mosaic murals, together with Brenda Gratton and Michele Hatchell, and 460 elementary school students on Madison's south side!

Living the Dream (panel 1)

This piece was created to celebrate our collective dreams, and its creation coincided with the hope many of us felt with the election of President Obama.

Children drew their dreams, created them in clay, and we then used mosaic glass to create these two 4'x7' panels

With funding from the Madison Community Foundation & Dane County Cultural Arts Commission

Living the Dream (panel 2)

We asked the children to draw their dreams and we got a myriad of beautiful images, including: a father coming home from deployment, The Obama family in the organic vegetable garden, a female doctor curing AIDS, and a cow jumping over the moon.

This piece now hangs at The Village On Park

2300 Park Street, Madison, Wi 53713

Detail of Living the Dream: the Obama family in the Garden, 2011

Growing Friendships Around the World, 2008

Mosaic, 4'x7'

Made with the participation of Shorewood Hills Elementary School students, which is a school which brings together kids from all over the world.

Growing Friendships Around the world, Panel II